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They are every bit as good as they look

"This week I present two of my best nieces—Johanna and Katie Horgan. I am sure you will all agree with me that they look good, but I can assure you that they are every bit as good as they look. I will not say more, or I may be thought to be flattering."

So wrote "Aunt Eily" (Mrs A.M. Ryan) the editor of the Children's Page in "The Southern Cross" newspaper of 24 April 1903.(1) She addressed any contributors to the page as nieces and nephews even though they were not blood relations. By 1898 Johanna's and Katie's mother, Hanora, had taken out a subscription(2) to this Catholic weekly paper. As regular readers these young women would probably have been contributors to the orphans' home established at Goodwood as funds were regularly sought for the orphanage through "Aunt Eily's" page. Perhaps Johanna and Katie had visited Mrs Ryan's Catholic Book and Art Depot in Gawler Place in Adelaide, as in this picture they are certain…

Christmas Eve 1923

My father, Edward John Horgan would have been 15 years 7 months on Christmas Eve 1923. What did Christmas hold in store for him?  I wonder if they ever went to Adelaide for any shopping. Alma where he lived, is 106 km (65.8 miles) from Adelaide on today's roads, so a trip to Adelaide in 1923 would have been a major undertaking.
His Christmas Day would certainly have included a trip to Mass at either Tarlee or Hamley Bridge with his parents Andrew and Elizabeth and younger brother Joe. After that we imagine the hot traditional Christmas meal served often in temperatures well above 35 degrees Celsius. Eddie's grandmother, Hanora who was 83 at this stage was still living on the farm with his bachelor uncles, Thomas now 52 and John, 48. His aunt Kate, also unmarried but cooking and caring for all of them was now 51. Perhaps they travelled across to the farm at Linwood for Christmas Day.

My mother Hannah O'Dea had moved back to Hamley Bridge by 1923 after the death of her fath…

Linwood, Stockport, Tarlee, Pinkerton Plains

Rural schools in South Australia in my grandparents' times Schools established early in the life of the colony of South Australia were funded by the ability of parents to pay for tuition and provide a suitable teacher and building. An application for a licence to teach in schools could be submitted to the Board of Education which had been established in 1847. The Act made it clear that it was incumbent on the local community who:
are desirous to place such children under the tuition of a teacher to be named by them, with their residences and a description of the place where the school is proposed to be kept, and it shall also be certified by at least one Justice of the Peace, that he knows the residences of such persons to be as stated by them, that such teacher is known to him as a person of moral habits, and every way fit to undertake the care and instruction of children, and that proper accommodation has been provided for the said school.... The teacher appointed could be paid …

Keeping up to date with Trove - Peter Maurice Horgan

Does this photo belong in our family tree?
As new titles are digitised on Trove there is always the chance that more information can be added to our family history. Trove's latest selection of South Australian titles include:
Border Chronicle (Bordertown, SA : 1908 - 1950)Critic (Adelaide, SA : 1897-1924)The Express (Adelaide, SA : 1922 - 1923)The Pennant (Penola, SA : 1946 - 1954)The Terowie Enterprise (SA : 1884 - 1891) When I receive notification of new titles I set aside some time to explore each one individually by limiting the search to one title and one family name and its variations at a time. This way I can quickly review any articles that may be relevant without having to search the entire newspaper database.

Here my search in the Critic (1) has found a photo of an M. Horgan as captain of a college football team in August of 1910. The annual football match between teams representing "Past" and "Present" scholars of the Christian Brothers' College wa…