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A- Z Challenge 2017 Theme Reveal

During the month of April, the A-Z world wide blogging challenge involves bloggers posting using a letter of the alphabet for each consecutive day except Sundays. Last year on my Library Currants blog I wrote about mobile apps each day in April. Here’s a summary post of all those apps reviewed in April 2016.

This year I’m taking a family history focus, recalling My memories of life on the farm in the nineteen fifties and sixties.

Memories fade with time so best to get them down in writing before age or misfortune overtakes. Last year Maureen over at Exploring Family posted her experiences of a rural childhood which inspired me to look back too.

Some stories will be personal, some just fun and memories – short and sweet so I can keep up the pace.  All posts will  be subject to editing as my siblings may have different versions of events or more exact detail. I’ll do my best to report life as I remember with a few diversions in time along the way. Indeed they were Earlier Years.

Come …

Stormy weather and a dedication

A downpour of 52 mm of rain in an hour accompanied by loud thunder and lightning reminded me of one of my mother’s sayings. She explained thunder to her small children as  “God moving his furniture around upstairs”.

No furniture was moved in the recent storm but we awoke the next morning to see many of the wooden sleepers in our pathway had been floated from their gravel bed. Minor damage indeed compared to the damage done to farmer’s crops throughout the years by storms or rain at inopportune times.

On investigating the condition of farming near Tarlee for Honora Horgan and her sons in the time shortly after husband John’s death in 1883, I found this report of conditions at the completion of harvest in 1885.

The correspondent was answering these 7 questions posed by a circular from The Adelaide Observer.
Harvest Returns
1. What is the name and the extent of the country you report upon?
2. What is the area of land reaped this year, and how much more than last year?
3. What is the gen…